Feb 17, 2017

Knee Strengthening Exercises – Modified Squat Exercises

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Edited: Feb 17, 2017


This modified squat exercise uses your quad (front of the thigh) muscles and also engages the glute (buttocks) and hamstring (back of the thigh) muscles. A simple way to ease into proper squat exercises is to use a sturdy chair. If the chair is too low for you, put a pillow or folded blanket on top of the seat prior to beginning exercises for knee pain.

Feb 27, 2017

This is a great lower body exercise and one I highly recommend! One important modification that will increase the activation of the hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscles AND decrease stress on the knees is to lean forward as you squat down. Make sure you lean forward such that your chest ends up directly over your knees. Brian Rodriguez, PT, DPT, OCS Utah Physical Therapy Specialists

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